About Me!

I am a UX Researcher who aspires to positively impact and inspire people’s lives in various ways.

As an aspiring UX Practitioner with research scientist background, I can offer a methodical scientific research skills with an empathetic approach to improve the user’s experience with technology. With my strong interpersonal communication ability, I will strategically yet passionately connect with stakeholders and the users to ensure the fruitful production of a product.

In my free time..

I enjoy designing and builiding Kayak with my family! also can't forget about kayaking on a beautiful river..

Outdoor activities are how I spend most of my weekend other than spending quality time with my furry friends! I am always more than excited to have chit-chat with anyone who has passion for kayaking and their loving pets..or just about anything really! :)..

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I would love to connect with you and have a fun conversation! Just leave me an email, I will get back to you :)..!

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