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What People Are Saying

"Chloe is one of our seed key UXR hired and in less than 6 months, she's proven to be a powerhouse. She has received much priase for her quality of work and has set benchmarks high for the team. She also is such a great team member and ensures the expeirence is a positive one, internally and with clients" 

-Individual Brilliance Award 2022 Merkle
"I've always been a fan of her moderation skills, but I am also blown away by the speed with which she has turned so much data from 36 separate 90 min sessions into crisp, clear and meaningful insights for our tam to act on! I also love her collaborative work style, which allows us to do joint working sessions and work as thought-partners together our delieverables.

Chloe is such a delight to work with!" 

-Google's UX Manager @ Privacy Sandbox

Usability is about people and how they understand and use things, not about technology - Steve Krug

Password Protected Project

Diary study with Finch targeting

This study was to evalutate users protection sentiment post-launch of the new experience that the search engine recently released. This study was a comprehensibe cross-cultural study in the US, UK and India.


Merchandising Research

This study had two objectives. One was to infrom product promotion framework and the other was to evaluate usability of the feature. We wanted to better understand the perceived pros and cons, and identify broad opportunities for organic ads vs. and in conjunction with paid ads.



Case study focused on eHealth app